Accounting Fees    

                                        Our fees are competitively priced, easy to understand

                                               and without nasty surprises! 


Fees from just $500 + GST per year !


Just TWO easy steps and your accounting and tax advice is taken care of :


Step One - A free meeting

We discuss the nature of your business and the business environment you are operating in. We answer any questions you may have about which taxes and fees will be applicable to you and your business and develop strategies to minimise any cost.

We can easily organise  transfers of all your existing accounting and tax advice arrangements to us, meaning no hassle and minimal paperwork for you! We take care of everything.


Step Two -  A fixed price

Once we know all the details about your business, we find the best fee structure for you at a fixed price, project based fee or

time based fee. No nasty surprises or unexpected cost for your business. We will always operate within a limit acceptable to you. 

For new clients, we always quote the job before we start working on the accounts.


And don't forget: Having us on board will save you money !

(Terms and conditions apply, please see below for more details.)


That's it! Easy. 








All  fees cover all accounting and tax compliance, ACC assessment, working for family tax credits, resolutions,

dividend distributions and shareholders’ salaries, phone calls and meetings as well as provisional tax notes and tax assessments.

Complimentary end of year sign off meeting.

All prices are annual fees, excluding GST, current as of March 2016.


Terms and Conditions for ' Join us and receive 3 hours free advice ' offer 

Join us and receive 3 free hours of advice means : 


' Join us' means formally signing a ' letter of engagement' to make us your accountant.

You will receive 3 hours free advice on accounting aspects relevant to your company during and after our initial meeting.

This may include advice on:

optimising your tax structure

evaluating your company structure

minimizing your ACC payments

streamlining your payroll 

assessing your insurance needs

and/ or optimizing other aspects of your business.



Time Based Fees


Time based fees are charged at an hourly rate.This is based on a staff charge depending on the nature and complexity of the job ranging from

$61 to $250 per hour.


If a time based fee is right for you, we will determine a rate at your initial meeting.

Fixed Fees 
  • Sole trader without GST preparation, fees start from $850 (+GST). With GST preparation, $1250 (+GST)

  • Single company not GST registered, fees start from $1200(+GST).

  • Single company GST registered, fees start from $1500 (+GST), depending on the company’s annual turnover. If we prepare GST returns, fees will start from $1,700 (+GST)

  • A company with a trust, shareholding and GST registered, annual fees start from $2200 (+GST). 

  • Trading Trust GST registered one off end of year work  fees start from $1,500 (+GST).


Project Based Fees

Project based fees are quoted on a per project basis. Depending on the details of the project an individual estimate is given per project. 


If a project based fee is right for your business, we will determine an approximate rate at your initial meeting.